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The Power of One

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again...

If you’re feeling like there’s no point in doing the small things then think again!

Every single action we take whether it’s sustainable or not has an impact, good or bad...

There’s really no excuse for us to not take action in some small way.

- That doesn’t mean you have to do everything, but it does mean you have to do something…

So do what you can, pitch in where possible and remember small actions don’t have to cost you a cent.

🌱You could pick up some litter at a park / coastline this weekend

🌱You could refuse to buy something that’s over packaged or unnecessary...

🌱Perhaps you could use less energy or turn off appliances not in use

🌱Perhaps you could prevent plastic waste by using some wax wraps or produce bags

🌱Maybe you’ve tried Veganuary and now you’re sticking with a plant-based diet for the rest of the year... or a few days a week!

See? All free and impactful!

These are all small things that make a difference, small things that are within our control.

Small things that add up, folks!

Small things that become part of a more sustainable way to live, where consciousness is key and action is focused on change.

We’re all just one person.

But never doubt that the power that exists in each one of us...

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