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Welcome to my world!

My name is Pat Kane and I am an award-winning sustainability advocate and strategist, a speaker and a writer and the founder of reuzi, Ireland's one-stop shop for sustainably made, reusable goods and an educational hub on all things sustainable living.

People often ask "What do you do as a sustainability strategist + advocate?".

I work with businesses and organisations from small family businesses to large corporations, guiding them on how to embed sustainability into their customer journeys.

I work with brands to map out their current challenges + identify solutions.

I work with brands to set up their Green Teams and to train their teams - office-based and customer-facing - on best practices.

I work with brands to develop a strong action plan with clear deliverables and KPIs.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with great people, brands - big and small - NGOs and governments on their communications and brand strategies.

I am passionate about how we can sell better solutions and products to enable humanity to live sustainably well on this planet.

Some of my services include (but aren’t limited to):

ESG Strategy

Developing sustainability / ESG strategies that will deliver innovation, cost savings and tangible impact

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Assessing customer journeys and embedding sustainability into each step of the way

Comms Strategy

Bringing sustainability to life by educating and informing staff and customers aiming to shift mindsets

1:1 Mentoring ‘Power Hour’

Providing strategic support and advice to purpose-driven businesses and businesses that want to adopt better practices

Training ‘Lunch & Learn’ Sessions

Delivering bespoke workshops and masterclasses to provide additional skills and capabilities on a wide range of sustainability topics


Fostering strategic partnerships and facilitating collaboration between brands to drive bigger, significant change

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