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Sustainable Bling

hen I got asked by the crew at the @irishtatler to write a short guide on how to buy your jewellery sustainably + ethically, I immediately said “SPARKLING YES!”…

My grandmother and my mother are the ones to ‘blame’ here… they always had a great sense of style and when it came to adding a few sparkling details to their #ootd they did it impeccably!

As someone who keeps a curated wardrobe of classic + versatile pieces, jewellery plays a big part in elevating my looks and helping me tell my personal style story.

I simply love heirloom pieces - I love the meaning behind each pendant, each ring...

It isn’t something I would buy often, but when I do, I want to make sure I buy well - beautiful, eternal and most importantly, low impact pieces. Think recycled metals, think vintage treasures… there are so many ways to accessorise that won’t quite literally cost the Earth!

It’s like Chupi @chupisweetman says “Owning a piece of jewellery is like owning a piece of the future” and I want my piece of future to be fair and just 🌍

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