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Irish Trends, but make ‘em sustainable

With consumers increasingly buying quality over quantity and making conscious purchases, brands are trying to act more responsibly for the sake of the planet and future generations.

It feels like every brand out there has decided to talk about “sustainability” with many actually making significant changes.

But how does this particular trend bubble over into mainstream life?

Right now, we are witnessing a wide range of Irish brands making an effort to up their green credentials and consequently, win our hearts and you know what? We just love it!

If you are seeking options to live more consciously, I've rounded up a shortlist of sustainably-focused fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle trends.

Fasten your virtual EV (but of course!) seatbelts and get ready – there’s a new Ireland out there, folks.


Time to RE-think it

Sustainable fashion brands use materials from natural or recycled fabrics that require less chemical treatment, less water and energy. But sustainability isn’t just about materials. It’s about changing the ways of thinking and practices of design, production, communication, wearing and enjoying fashion.

Right now, many of us are seeking a longer-lasting and minimalist wardrobe that scores highly when it comes to the environment. More people are scrutinising clothing labels – check the Good On You app to see how your favourite brands are doing – looking for eco materials such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo fibre and even algae.

Also, from 2022 onwards, a healthier business model will most likely include elements of circularity – in other words, resale and rental services are on the rise.

When it comes to buying second hand fashion, we are watching homegrown shops such as Siopaella, Studio Minti and Thriftify leading the way but options are truly endless and will include your local charity shops too, why not!

On the rental front, options are many – from traditional and well established shops like Covet Boudoir and Designer Room to new-kids-on-the-block such as Happy Days, ByBorrow and greens are good for you.

Luxury brands are also increasingly looking to capitalise on this trend, with the one and only Brown Thomas launching Rent It!, a fashion rental service at its luxurious new store at Dundrum Town Centre earlier this year.


Natural ingredients meet high-performance technology

Over the past decade or so, I’ve come across several local brands doing great work on the personal care front.

For a skincare afficionado like me who refuses to go under complex treatments, this stuff truly matters!

I’ve found myself swapping international designer labels for local, natural and extremely high quality brands.

From certified vegan and cruelty-free to refillable and plastic-free products, it truly looks like beauty is coming home!

Please note: I would need much more than one page to list all the brands out there so the ones outlined below are great examples of the work that’s being done in this beautiful green island of ours…