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Action x Value Gap, anyone?

We are constantly making decisions - what to eat, what to wear, what to buy, where to go, which meetings to attend, who to call when we need a helping hand... But making decisions isn’t always easy.

We are always so so sooo busy and at times, convenience tends to get on the way, am I right?

We choose quicker and/or easier solutions, potentially leaving some very important factors outside of our decision process… Ps: the impact of our own choices on our beloved planet being one of those factors!

This is what I’d call the “Action-Value Gap”.

We want to save the world but then we forgot to bring lunch to work and we end up with a heavily packaged sambo…

We need new clothes but completely ignore the fact that there are fantastic ways to get yourself something “new” AKA preloved = new to you!

You get the idea.

So, lemme ask you… how often do you think about how your actions align with your values? What are your non-negotiables, those lines you simply will not cross, no matter what?

Questioning our own decision process is not always an easy thing, I get that… but the more we try to understand the drivers behind each one of our choices, the easier this process tends to get.

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