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Waste Free Lifestyle

What does being #WasteFree mean to you?

I did a business + economics major in college but have always been interested in the environment.

I made a conscious decision to live a #minimalwaste life in 2013 when I found myself pregnant with my first son and horrified with all the rubbish generated by the stuff people say you “need” - think single-use nappies, wet wipes, and so much more...

I would sit there and think, we are supposed to be raising the future of this planet and here we are with our bins full, messing it up.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I'm the proud founder of and I work hard to promote conscious living to individuals and businesses, while living my best minimal waste life, every single day.

What got you started? Let me know why you live waste free below!

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