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When I first started living a minimal waste lifestyle, finding all the products that I needed required a lot of time, a lot of Amazon orders (not great, I know!), and frankly speaking, it just wasn’t convenient.

I started because I wanted to make sustainable, minimal waste swaps for everyday items more convenient and accessible.

That meant that it was important to me to offer shipping options for people looking to reduce waste, no matter where they lived, could access reuzi products.

But traditional shipping e.g.: bubble wrap, plastic tape wasn’t going to cut it.

So we decided to challenge conventional e-commerce rules and do things differently from day 1.

What makes our shipping differently?

We have a strict reuzi shipping policy, which means that we are proud to operate completely plastic-free. All our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and 100% compostable, and we work with all of our suppliers to ensure that inbound shipments are also 100% plastic-free. Our boxes are never new - always donated to us by other businesses so we can keep them in circulation #reuse - and we work with @dpdireland and their vans are now electric - how cool is that?

Eco-products and low impact shipping – way to go!

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