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Opinion | Primark 'Penneys' launches repair clinics...

I’m ALL OVER initiatives that encourage folks to look after what they already own / rewear / repair so I guess it's kudos to Primark on this one.


This initiative does not address the mahoosive elephant in the room that is SDG 12 - Responsible Production and Consumption.

- How can you ask me to repair something that wasn’t made to last in the first place?

- How can you ask me to rewear something again and again when you release 1,000’s of brand new styles on a regular basis?

- How can you expect me to care if your pricing structure tells me otherwise?

To be clear, something is ALWAYS better than nothing BUT I still wait in hope that one day we will have the tough conversation aka how will businesses like Primark engaged on a genuine production shift in order to slowdown this insane loop of buy-wear-bin… one day, one day!

Ps: As always, please know that I am *not* addressing those who buy from fast fashion chains out of sheer necessity. Fast fashion bosses don’t work for those in need coz those in need wouldn’t be able to keep fast fashion alive… get it now??

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