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This is the theme of one of my most popular workshops and something I’m extremely passionate about.

Over the years, I’ve had to rewire my brain to be able to clearly distinguish my ‘needs’ vs. my ‘wants’.

... That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy fulfilling my ‘wants’ from time to time!

A ‘need’ is something that is necessary rather than desirable - Food, for instance. You might not need much but you need some.

A ‘want’ is something we don’t need but we wish for - Sticking to food, let’s talk about dessert. You don’t need to eat it but bwoy, sometimes you just want it, isn’t that so?

Sustainable development looks to fulfil people’s needs without harming the chances of future generations.

Advances in tech can make products that meet people’s needs more successful than older ones.

In our modern society, we all need money to purchase the things we ‘need’.

But we also spend a large amount of money on things we ‘want’.

Often, we spend too much money on the ‘wants’, this disregarding the need to think about the impact of our choices on others and on the planet.

The ask? For a more conscious decision-process. Becoming more aware of the feelings influencing our decisions, the reasons why.

Because folks, there’s literally no free lunch… someone + somewhere + somehow is paying for ‘it’ AKA our needs and our wants.

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