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I am still figuring it out!

Navigating life’s journey can be tough, but remember that struggles and uncertainty are all part of the process of individual growth - and that includes your relationship with our planet too.

Take time to reflect and connect with your inner self, mind your body + mind, surround yourself with positive energy and folks that fill your cup!

IMO, individual growth isn’t about having all the answers - it’s about continuously seeking them, it’s about keeping open mind + heart, it’s about trying and failing and trying again… until you find what you’re looking for… or until your realised you gotta do something different, start again.

It is important for me to acknowledge here that my own journey hasn’t always been silky smooth and that my path towards a more sustainable lifestyle comes with a ton of trial + error moments and a lot of new challenges too… every single day!

In a nutshell:

- Keep going!

- You do you

- Perfection is unattainable

- Tomorrow is another day

Ps: I want to take time to thank the wonderful souls that surround me (IRL + virtually!) and keep me focused on growth and self-discovery

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