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Going for Growth!

A community where women truly empower women, an initiative encouraging us to determine our unique definition of success, and our right to influence social change for ourselves and others… a safe space where we can share achievements and challenges knowing that trust and a strong sense of sisterhood rule it all…

This is Going for Growth.

Going for Growth is Ireland’s leading female entrepreneurship support programme and I can safely say that each roundtable session I participated in translated into practical changes in my business.

I got to join GFG during the pandemic under the leadership of one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met @oonaghohag and during that first ‘season’ I got to expand my business not only as an established e-tailer / retailer but also as a service provider to so many other businesses around the country, offering strategic advice and workshops to help organisations of various sizes to up their green credentials.

This year I went back as a part of an incredible Continuing the Momentum group led by the legend that is @breegeodonoghue - if you know, you know!

During our sessions, I felt like I finally got to a rock solid “big picture goal” including the launch of reuzi’s pop-ups at Ireland’s largest retailer group while my consultant services took off at an exponential rate and my events / panels / host gigs became a very real revenue stream… not to mention that my love for writing finally got a home at the one and only @irishtatler.

So much happened over the past two years and I know I have to acknowledge the guidance + support received from my GFG mentors and peers.

To Paula Fitzsimmons and team, thank you for driving so much positive change for women in business!

To our sponsors @kpmg_ireland and @enterprise_ireland, thank you for enabling this programme to happen!

As for the ladies in these pics, as Oonagh says, these are my kinda of gals!

If you ever want to discuss GFG, I am here.

*Spoiler alert: the answer is YES, absolutely go for it!

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