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AIB Sustainability Conference 2022

I got invited to join @aibireland The Sustainability Conference 2022 and to say I left the building feeling empowered + inspired would be an understatement. Cate Blanchett and Jane Goddall took us through their perspectives when it comes to saving the planet and some of the key takeaways for me were… From Cate: ➖Eco anxiety is natural, a rational reaction, but we can + should choose hope ➖Shame is an important feeling - turn it into fuel to drive significant change ➖Interrogate brands - if shopping, consider the “human cost” ➖Take small steps but keep an eye on the big goal ➖Bring kids on small journeys, show them what better looks like ➖Educate yourself! ➖Every industry needs a ‘green person’ AKA someone responsible to ensure everything runs as sustainably + ethically as possible (Oh hi!) And my absolute fave > “Engaging in climate change shouldn’t be a political act, it’s a human necessity.” From Jane: ➖Humans are ‘intellectual’ but not always ‘intelligent’ – how can we call ourselves intelligent if we are putting our own planet in danger? ➖There’s a big disconnect between the clever mind and the human heart… ➖Ecosystems are like a ‘tapestry of life’ - every species that goes extinct is like one thread is being pulled out of this special tapestry ➖Loss of hope causes apathy, a feeling of ‘what’s the point!’… think of what you CAN do to help, start making a difference locally ➖Trust what’s already out there, trust good practice ➖Jane’s mom used to say ‘Work hard and seize every opportunity’ – sounds like my mom! On top of Cate + Jane, we watched 6 entrepreneurs / activists sharing sound advice: - Flossie - Link your passion to climate action - Bread41 - Reuse is key + Bring your customers on a journey, report progress - Bulmers C&C - “The right thing to do” should be your north star + We’re improving because customers are demanding + Employees want to work for a biz that is a force for good The time is NOW, folks!

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